May 20, 2020:

Spring Hill family -

Just a quick update and I hope what is exciting news!

The Spring Hill Elders met for a stated Session meeting last Sunday and among other important issues, we spent a fair amount of time discussing the potential of joining back together on Spring Hill Church grounds for worship.

The timing seems right as we have now seen the loosening of restrictions for churches and other houses of worship across the state.  It is true it was much easier (although heartbreaking) to close the church building and grounds than it will be to re-open! Here are the highlights being discussed, logistics being worked out and our plan forward:

WHEN will we reopen worship on Spring Hill grounds?

I am pleased to tell you all the Session's goal is to have our first service back on site on May 31st!

That also happens to be Pentecost Sunday (the birth of the church when disciples came out of hiding and with the power of the promised Holy Spirit and preached the gospel of Jesus Christ boldly!)

WHAT does Spring Hill's ministry look like going forward?  This is an important question and one that is flexing right now. While we will go back to meeting on church grounds, the fact is we have been blessed to add folks to our "virtual church" through social media - that have not or cannot come to our church grounds. Whatever we do moving forward will need to consider and include that on-line presence. 

HOW will services be conducted?


Not meaning to be vague or build suspense, but the honest answer is we are working on that. Three different committees have been formed to answer that question and work through the long check off list of moving parts and details.

1. One committee has already met to discuss what the actual worship service will entail.
2. A second committee is meeting tonight to go over the logistics of the service's location while keeping in mind physical distancing and other guidelines and requirements we need to be respectful of.
3. A third committee is meeting to discuss audio/visual needs and equipment needed to make all this happen. That is truly the lynch pin all other plans hang on to make a service on Spring Hill property possible.

So stay tuned for more information, details and recommendations that will be forthcoming in the next week or so! A lot of work is going on behind the scenes to make this happen. Hold the May 31st date on your calendar, but please understand this is all a goal and we may need to change or pivot as that date grows closer.

In the mean time, please keep the Session, newly formed committees and the CHURCH BODY in your prayers. We are seeking God's will and bending to the power of the Holy Spirit!

Trusting God more, Pastor Todd




ECO- "A Covenant Order of Evangelical Presbyterians"


Spring Hill ECO Presbyterian Church is a warm fellowship of people gathering to love, worship, and serve God.

Please feel free to look around the website to find out more information.  We’d love to have you attend one or more of our upcoming events and worship with us this coming Sunday!

"To all who are weary and need rest,

To all who mourn and need comfort, 

To all who are blessed and seek to be a blessing,

To all who are complacent and need disturbing,

To all repentant sinners who need a Savior,

Spring Hill Church opens wide its doors,

And bids you welcome in the Name of Christ"


Rev. Todd, his wife, Dina, and their two children joined our church family in 2017.  We are blessed by their spiritual guidance  and commitment to our church.


For over 100 years, the congregation at Spring Hill has continued to grow and thrive in the small, rural community.  Check out our History Room on the main floor of the church to learn more.


ECO is a rapidly-growing Presbyterian denomination that exists to serve the local church and reclaim a sense of covenanted biblical community.  Spring Hill is proud to have recently joined this Reformed denomination.  

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